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Let me introduce myself. My name is Gina. I’m a late 20s something with purple hair living in beautiful Denver, Colorado. My husband, dog and I moved out here from Tallahassee, Florida in late 2017, and honestly it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It certainly wasn’t easy… We had family, roots and a house to sell in Florida, but we did it for the betterment of our quality of life, and for me… my health. I’ve recently discovered that making these big and bold choices turn out to be the best decisions. For instance… I’m writing a blog now? What?? It took me almost 30 years to learn that I can do big things and I don’t have to let my circumstance define me. So one of my mantras is to no longer make decisions based on fear, but instead, to chose to live.

I’ve decided to write this blog because I have spent 18+ years fighting with my hormones and learning a lot about the body and the world in that time. No, I don’t have it all figured out… but it is a work in progress and I continue to pursue balance. I’ve started this blog as a place to share my journey, successes and failures as I’ve tried to naturally find hormonal balance. To begin, I will share with you my story…

My Story

My Story


I got my period the summer before 6th grade. It was crampy, it was bloody, and my digestive system was a mess. Since then, my periods were always heavy, always clotty, always painful and always accompanied with digestive distress. The only thing that was normal was that they were consistent. Once a month for 7 days. I also consistently made a mess of myself, because pads… and Middle School… I’d often bring a change of clothes and a sweater to tie around my waist, because making a mess of myself was inevitable during my heavy days. When I finally figured out tampons, it was still messy. I stocked up on the largest tampons I could find, Playtex Ultra (the size up after super plus). On my heavy days, they lasted about 30-45 minutes before they would self eject. (Sorry for the visual, but it’s just a reality of the heaviness) I missed school often because I would be laying in the shower until the water ran cold, doubled over with cramps, or hiding in the nurse office bathroom waiting for my pants to dry after cleaning them in the sink.  Continue reading “My Story”


What is PCOS?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a combination of symptoms that when all combined together creates a Syndrome. Women with PCOS typically have irregular or missed periods as a result of not ovulating. Although some women may develop cysts on their ovaries, many women do not. Symptoms may include: Weight gain: Many women with PCOS will have weight gain …